The Dr. Muzumdar Fund


The Dr. Muzumdar Fund

The Canadian Association of Physicians with Disabilities (CAPD) was founded by Dr. Ashok Muzumdar in the year 2000, to bring awareness to the issues which physicians with disabilities in Canada face, to strengthen the community of physicians with disabilities in Canada and to be actively engaged in influencing policies which affect all people with disabilities (to name a few).  In this regard, the CAPD has done much meaningful work over the years to advance the goals and objectives which it set out to accomplish over a decade ago.

Dr. Muzumdar FundOn November 30, 2012, Dr. Muzumdar tragically passed away in his sleep.  His untimely death was felt by many in the community which he helped to bring together and unite for the common causes addressed by the CAPD.  In hopes of honouring the great work of Dr. Muzumdar, the CAPD is currently seeking to gather enough funds to establish an endowed bursary in his name.   This bursary will be specifically designated for aspiring physicians in Canada with disabilities, who are in need of financial assistance with their education in the field of medicine.

The Canadian Medical Foundation (CMF) and the Canadian Association of Physicians with Disabilities (CAPD) are working together on this effort, with a portion of funds raised also going to support the CMF’s ‘Every Physician’ Campaign.  With your support, we hope to realize our goal of honouring Dr. Muzumdar with this much needed student bursary fund.  In successfully honouring Dr. Muzumdar, we will also be contributing to a stronger physician base in Canada, and inherently, a better health-care system for all Canadians.

Dr. Muzumdar was a man who truly cared about his patients. This bursary would enable his compassionate and caring nature to carry on, by supporting deserving medical students in need. Please support this cause, and give what you can today.  Thank You!

To make a donation to the Dr. Muzumdar Bursary Fund, please visit the ‘donate now’ page on the CMF website and select “Donation to the Dr. Muzumdar Fund” as the ‘donation type’.