Monthly Giving

September 23, 2022by CMF_Admin

Plan your giving by scheduling monthly gifts

Through the programs we have established with our community partners, CMF is doing our part to support under-resourced aspiring healthcare workers and add diversity and equity to the health workforce, sometimes just one individual at a time. But there is a multiplier effect, and in turn that physician or nurse will make a future impact on thousands of lives.

By becoming a monthly donor you become a partner in our mission. Monthly donations are manageable and convenient, and they accumulate to make a BIG impact.

Monthly giving not only immediately contributes to CMF programs, but more of your donation goes towards supporting CMF and our work because of very low administration costs. Scheduled giving also enables us to forecast funding and plan future initiatives.

By planning your giving and making monthly donations, as you do with many of your household expenses, you will be able to manage your budget and can change the amount or cancel at any time.

How it works

Pick the amount you would like to contribute each month, and fill out the online giving form here: Donate Monthly to CMF.  For more information email us at

Each month, on the same day, your donation is automatically debited from your bank account or credit card. A cumulative tax receipt is generated and issued at the end of each year. For example, a manageable donation of $75 a month adds up to a $900 tax receipt, and a valuable contribution to the current and future planning of programs adding equity to the health workforce.

A donation of any monthly amount, accumulated and combined with that of other monthly donors is the backbone of CMF and our vision to help health professionals help others.

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