About US

The Canadian Medical Foundation was established in 1987 to help Canadian physicians realize their philanthropic goals as well as create healthier communities in Canada and outside of Canada. In partnership with community organizations, physician leaders and our donors, CMF has supported a wide-variety of charitable programs over its thirty-five year history, such as financial aid for medical students, research and programming to address physician well-being, and the co-creation of the Canadian Physician Health Institute (CPHI).

Today, we are partnering with healthcare leaders and organizations in Canada and outside of Canada to add diversity and equity to our health workforce. Read more about our Programs.

The Canadian Medical Foundation (CMF) is a registered charitable organization (BN 119219327RR0001) incorporated under the Canada Not For Profit Corporations Act, 2009.

Meet our Board of Directors

Our Vision

Helping Canadian Health Professionals Help Others.


Encouraging volunteerism and promoting philanthropy among health professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is CMF?

Created by physicians and for physicians, the Canadian Medical Foundation is a registered Canadian charitable organization focused on helping Canadian physicians help others, whether through donations, investments and other planned gifts, or volunteerism.

Is CMF a registered charity?

CMF is a Canadian charitable organization registered with Canada Revenue Agency. Headquartered in Toronto, CMF is directed by an independent, volunteer board of directors. Our charitable registration number is 11921 9327 RR0001

How does CMF fund their projects?

CMF’s projects are funded by individual donors, foundations and institutions.

How will my donation be used?

Donors are welcome to designate their donation to a specific project. If there is no specific request to designate the funds, they will be disbursed where the funds are most needed.

Will I receive an income tax receipt?

Yes, all donations of $10 or more are receipted. When you donate online, you will receive a receipt by email immediately in PDF format. If you mail in your donation, you can request to have the receipt mailed to you or have us send you one electronically by email.

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Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles outline how we work and represent the values by which we abide.
Donor and Partner Focused
We develop strong and mutually beneficial relationships with our donors and partners.
Resource Stewardship
Seek to optimize returns on our investments consistent with sound financial management practices.
We work collaboratively in all our dealings to the benefit of all parties.
Transparency and Accountability
We strive for excellence, operate with integrity and be accountable for our actions both to our donors and to the public.