Medical Volunteerism

August 22, 2023by jasminht

The Canadian Medical Foundation was established in 1987 to help physicians realize their philanthropic goals. The world has changed in the 36 years since we’ve been around, but our dedication to helping Canadian health professionals help others has not. Today, health professionals can donate towards any of our programs supporting under-resourced communities to improve equity and diversity in the health workforce, or they can establish a donor-advised fund and create a legacy of giving of their own.

However, philanthropy goes beyond just donations. Volunteering your time is another way to give.

CMF’s mission is to encourage volunteerism and promote philanthropy among health professionals.

While CMF does not facilitate global health volunteer opportunities of our own are proud to provide a simple tool to serve the medical community by making the task of finding a volunteer position easier.

Are you thinking of volunteering abroad?

We have compiled a list of current volunteer opportunities offered by various organizations to save you time. Simply enter some basic criteria to narrow your search down. To start your journey of exploring possible volunteer opportunities, click on the Medical Volunteer Positions tote below.

The Brocher Declaration lists 6 principles for ethical engagement in world health.



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