Medical Volunteer Positions

January 4, 2024by CMF_Admin

Physicians at any stage of their careers can benefit from volunteering, while also providing beneficial support to other health professionals and institutions across the world.

Medical volunteering encompasses a broad range of work and activities, with experiences varying based on location, the needs of the local population, the specific mission of the host organization, and the skills that you bring to the table. The scope of volunteer work you can participate in may depend on your specific experience and qualification level.

Starting your journey is easy. Search available positions by keyword or location below.  Click on the position that interests you and it will provide you with organization that is offering the volunteer position, it will give you an overview of the position, the location, fees if any and contact information for the organization.

Note: if you are an organization looking for medical volunteers and have positions not included in our compiled list, please contact us at:


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