Networking for Success for IEHPs with Pegasus Institute

March 26, 2024by CMF_Admin

Are you – or do you know – an Internationally Educated Health Professional (IEHP) who needs help navigating the pathways available here in Canada so that you can enter the Canadian health workforce?

Join Us on March 27th at 5 PM ET for the first of a new webinar series in partnership with The Pegasus Institute.

Networking for Success is a virtual event that provides IEHPs and those working directly with IEHPs, for knowledge sharing, experiential learning, and active participation in expanding personal and professional connections to increase opportunities in their healthcare fields.

Canada, a top destination for IEHPs, experiences challenges as many struggle to recertify and secure employment in their respective fields. In 2020, only 418 IMGs obtained a residency (OCASI). 47% of immigrants with internationally obtained post-secondary health education credentials are underutilized: They are either unemployed or work in non-health occupations (Statistics Canada, April 2020).

This webinar series will engage participants in learning, knowledge sharing and connecting to build stronger networks. Collaborate and connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds through this webinar where IEHPs can share, gain fresh perspectives, exchange knowledge, and collaborate on innovative ways to advance their healthcare careers.

Register for this free event: Networking for Success 

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