Psychology & Mental Health Assistant

January 8, 2024by CMF_Admin
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Setting: Hospital

Role: During this placement you will work alongside psychiatric nurses, mental health clinicians and social workers; Observe mental health assessments and treatments; Assist with counselling and psycho-educational sessions; services often limited due to lack of resources; Assist with delivery of care to people in mental health crisis; Assist with delivery of health promotion and health education; Observe the effects of long term mental illness on day to day living amongst the most underprivileged; Observe the widespread impacts of mental illness on the local community; and deliver small scale observational report on your experience and findings.

Time Commitment: 2-50 Weeks

When: Ongoing

Application Deadline: Ongoing

Requirements: CV, Proof of qualifications and two character references, minimum of 6 months experience working in mental health and a Criminal Background Check. (Visa & Permit also, where required).

Cost: $150 Registration Fee, Program fees range from $1,033 CAD to $13,920 CAD. Volunteers are responsible for flights, travel insurance, and vaccines. (and visas & permits where required).

For more information visit: Medi Trip


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