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Setting: Clinic

Role: You can work at hospitals, clinics, assisted living, and other healthcare facilities, alongside the local doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. Depending on your previous medical experience and Spanish language skills, you can get involved with shadowing local doctors and nurses, running health check-ups, assist with triage, taking blood pressures and other vital signs, help on administration such as patient records, prepare materials and equipment, and assist during mealtimes. You can also create medical campaigns to educate local disadvantaged communities on healthcare, dental care and personal hygiene.

Time Commitment: 1-12 Weeks

When: Ongoing

Application Deadline: Ongoing

Requirements: Provide qualifications for related field as well as proof of medical training and Criminal Background Check.

Cost: Costs range from $1,222 CAD to $5,691 CAD. Volunteers are also responsible for their own airfare, travel insurance, and spending money (and visas & permits where required).

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