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Setting: Hospital

Role: If you have a medical qualification you could be working alongside the nurses and doctors and applying/teaching your skills. During your time, you will be able to identify any problems you see in the health provision in the hospitals and you will be able to help tackle them with any you may have. You will help with consultations and public health such as, free health screening of Malaria, Cholera, Tuberculosis etc, Baby weighing, Helping in the maternity with child delivery and basic health assistant. As a health volunteer you also have the opportunity to take part in our health talks, which are organized at schools. Topics covered so far include, general hygiene, HIV/AIDS, STDs and Malaria.

Time Commitment: 2-24 Weeks

When: Ongoing

Application Deadline: Ongoing

Requirements: CV with related medical credentials and qualifications.

Cost: Costs range from $638 CAD to $4,179 CAD. Volunteers are also responsible for their own airfare, travel insurance, and spending money (and visas & permits where required).

For more information visit: TANF Ghana


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