Anesthesia MDs

July 24, 2023by CMF_Admin

Website Health Volunteers Overseas

Setting: Hospital

Role: Volunteers will improve the availability and quality of patient care by providing both clinical and didactic instruction to two emergency department nurses to assist in their preparation to practice as nurse anesthetists at SKMH. HVO volunteers will also assist with the ongoing training of the anesthesia resident at SKMH and collaborate with SKMH’s one staff anesthesiologist.

Time Commitment: 2 to 4 Weeks

When: Ongoing

Application Deadline: Ongoing

Requirements: Current license required; at least two years of experience required.

Cost: TBC – Volunteers pay for transportation to and from the sites. Many sites provide room, board, and daily transportation for volunteers once they arrive. Please contact HVO for more information.

For more information visit: HVO


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