Advanced Practice Medical Providers

January 18, 2024by CMF_Admin
  • Volunteer
  • Cambodia

Website International Medical Relief

Setting: Clinic

Role: At clinic, you will treat conditions related to malaria, intestinal parasites, cholera, diarrhea, tuberculosis, yaws, and measles. You will also help treat conditions of more severe diseases, including tuberculosis and the avian flu. You and the rest of the volunteer team will also educate locals on how to stay healthy and how to care for their loved ones.

Time Commitment: 1 Week

When: Ongoing

Application Deadline: Ongoing

Requirements: Valid medical or nursing license and proof of expertise in the area of specialty. Meet travel and immunization requirements. Teams are required to be adaptable to rapidly changing conditions and have an understanding that rapid response teams require strength and compassionate care and service.

Cost: $3300 USD

For more information visit: IMR


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