Tribute Giving


Choosing to make a charitable donation is a very personal decision which often reflects an individual’s values and vision. For this reason, many people choose to make a donation in recognition of a special person by donating to a cause which reflects this person’s values. These gifts – tribute gifts – can be given for many reasons, maybe to celebrate a special occasion, recognize a milestone, or perhaps in memorium.

The Canadian Medical Foundation (CMF) is proud to strive towards a vision which is shared by physicians, physicians’ family and friends, and Canadians in general.

Our Vision: To foster a caring community that, through the development of philanthropic activity, supports and enables the medical profession to help Canadians lead healthier lives

CMF is pleased to offer our donors both “In Honour” and “In Memorium” tribute giving options.

In Honour Tribute Gifts

CMF In Honour Tribute Giving CardTribute gifts may be made CMF in honour of someone special for a variety of reasons:

  • To celebrate a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary;
  • To recognize a milestone, such as a graduation or wedding;
  • To say “thank you” for a favour.

When making your gift to CMF simply indicate that it is an “In Honour Tribute Gift” and include the name, address and, if you wish, reason for the gift. CMF will then send a personalized card, on your behalf, to the person being honored notifying them of this honour and also detailing the impact this gift will have on CMF.

Click here to view our In Honour Tribute Cards.

In Memorium Tribute Gifts

CMF In Memory Tribute Giving CardTribute gifts may be made to CMF in memorium of someone who passed away. When making your gift simply indicate that it is an “In Memorium Gift” and include the name of the individual being memorialized as well as the name and address of anyone you may wish to notify of this gift (perhaps the spouse or a child of the memorialized). CMF will then send a personalized card to the person(s) you identify notifying them that a gift has been made in memorium.

For additional information on making a tribute gift the Canadian Medical Foundation in honour, or in memorium, of someone special, please contact CMF at613.518.6010 or

Click here to view our In Memory Tribute Cards.

To make a tribute gift, please visit our Donate Now page or call CMF at: 613.518.6010.