Medical and Health Needs of Indigenous Canadians


Indigenous populations in Canada have distinct medical needs in Canada, for example they often live in remote areas where access to affordable and healthy foods negatively challenge genetic predisposition to chronic diseases such as diabetes. In seeking to ameliorate some of the medical challenges faced by Canada’s indigenous people the Canadian Medical Foundation (CMF) is working with tertiary education and medical experts. CMF is actively exploring the potential of developing community agricultural efforts. Conceived is a three-stage project that would first establish a community greenhouse that would grow nutritious foods available to entire communities. Such an effort would tangentially benefit from expanded composting efforts and could be fueled by sustainable energies such as solar. Should the stage one pilot prove successful the effort could expand to include an aquiculture effort. The last stage to round-out the local food production effort would be to establish an animal husbandry effort which is projected to likely focus on goat farming. All three stages of the project offer employment and education efforts and ultimately the potential for developing cottage industries that produce products that could be shared or sold to further benefit communities that participate.