UPDATE: Changing Investment Managers


Update: Changing Investment Managers

About the Canadian Medical Foundation

For over thirty (30) years the Canadian Medical Foundation (CMF) has been working on behalf of physicians, their families, and all Canadians. The volunteer Board of Trustees at the Canadian Medical Foundation believes stewardship of the trust and generous donations provided to our charity is our top priority.

Why replace the current investment manager?

The Canadian Medical Foundation (CMF) is always concerned about our investment returns and as a consequence initiated a procurement process (request for proposals (RFP)) for investment counsel options to ensure the best investment manager fit for CMF.

The RFP procurement process for investment counsel invited over one hundred (100) professionals and organizations from coast-to-coast-to-coast to provide a proposal of how they could best assist the Canadian Medical Foundation (CMF) and our donors in meeting our charitable program and service goals now and into the future.

Using a variety of criteria to evaluate proposals transparently, Fiera Capital has been selected to provide investment counsel. CMF believes that Fiera’s alternative investment strategic offerings provide many more options to the CMF.

Why Was Fiera Capital Selected?

Fiera offers many different ethical strategies, including being more active from an environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) perspective. Since 2009, Fiera Capital has been a proud signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI). The full office of Fiera Capital’s Chief Investment Officer (CIO) is thoroughly involved in the implementation of the firm’s ESG initiatives and will provide substantial support to the Canadian Medical Foundation’s (CMF’s) Portfolio Managers to help them understand the ESG-related issues faced by CMF and our donors. In collaboration with the firm’s in-house risk measurement team and their external ESG research providers, Fiera Capital has developed tools to assess the ESG performance of securities held by CMF and other charitable sector clients.

Fiera Capital has developed excellent business relationships with not-for-profit organizations like the Canadian Medical Foundation (CMF). More than $7 billion of Fiera Capital’s total $139 billion assets under management contribute to making Fiera Capital the largest endowment and foundation asset manager in Canada, indeed Fiera is ranked in the top 10. Fiera Capital believe they have achieved this because they do not see themselves as just a supplier, but rather as a partner, acting on behalf of charities like the Canadian Medical Foundation.

Beyond the comparable management fees offered by Fiera Capital, the company has a donation policy to support its charitable clients where ten percent (10%) of their fees will be donated back to the Canadian Medical Foundation (CMF) for charitable programs and services focused around medicine and community building.

Fiera Capital is not a “big bank” but rather CMF believes has the institutional investment focus that can meaningfully assist the Canadian Medical Foundation (CMF) and our donors to achieve our collective philanthropic goals more quickly and efficiently.

About Fiera Capital

Fiera Capital Corporation has more than $139 billion in managed investments. Fiera Capital Corporation is a leading independent investment management firm that offers full-service, integrated portfolio-management solutions that span a broad array of traditional and alternative asset classes.