Bridging the Gaps to Improve Health Outcomes


The Canadian Medical Foundation was established by the Canadian Medical Association in 1987 to help physicians realize their philanthropic goals.

Since our establishment we have partnered with physicians and communities in Canada and internationally to improve global health, as well as to provide assistance to physicians-in-training in Canada.

While the world has changed in the 35 years since our establishment, our mission and commitment have not, although our priority focus has.

Today, we are prioritizing two campaigns.

In response to the global pandemic that has swept through the globe, we are working alongside organizations in Canada and outside of Canada to stop the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19 by addressing gaps in hygiene efforts through our Stop the Gaps campaign.

In response not just to the 2015 Truth and Reconciliation Report but to inequities that have affected the health of Indigenous peoples in Canada for over 150 years, we have partnered with Indspire and their Building Brighter Futures Bursaries, Scholarships and Awards program to establish Indspire’s only bursary focused specifically for Indigenous physicians-to-be.

We’re all in this together as a global community.