Refugee and Immigrant Health


The Canadian Medical Foundation (CMF) is playing an active role in understanding and addressing the unique medical issues faced by refugees and other newcomers to Canada.

For example, it’s been many years since the onset of the civil war in Syria and there is no end in sight. In just the past few months intense fighting has taken a high toll on civilians across the country. Children, women and men are fleeing, telling harrowing stories of weeks of bombardment, and shortages of food, medical care and fuel for heating.

Ongoing fighting has seen a surge in people fleeing the country, with refugee numbers now reaching over 5 million. Like many others feeling war and oppression these people are looking to Canada to help them rebuild their lives.

Working collaboratively with partners, the Canadian Medical Foundation recognizes that refugees have unique health needs that are different from the general Canadian population. They often suffer from medical problems that are not found in Canada.. They have higher rates of certain medical issues, like viral illnesses. There are more physical disabilities and chronic injuries in this population as a result of the violence they may have experienced.

You can help support the Canadian Medical Foundation’s efforts to address the medical needs of refugees and other newcomers to Canada.