Bursaries at Work


“My bursary gave me more time with my kids.” – Curtis Woolf

Curtis Woolf was just one of the 46 students who received a bursary funded by the 2017 Annual North/South Doctors’ Golf Tournament.

Bursaries from the golf tournament can cover a range of things. From tuition, to travel costs for medical electives, to subsidizing rent, to buying groceries, these funds help alleviate the stress of accumulating debt. For these students, anything that keeps their debt from rising can mean the world.

Curtis’s bursary also granted him priceless time with his family. “I am a father of four and medical school keeps me very busy. This money will cover tuition costs next year, which allows me to spend less time working over the summer and more time making memories with my children.”

In 2017, we broke a record and raised over $69,000 for medical student bursaries. Want to help us do it again? Join us at the 91st Annual North South Doctors’ Golf Tournament.

For more information please visit 91st Annual North South Doctors’ Golf Tournament.