The Canadian Medical Foundation (CMF) has been a key partner in the development of ePhysicianHealth.com, the world’s first comprehensive online physician health and wellness resource to help physicians and physicians in training to be resilient in their personal and professional lives.

ePhysicianHealthePhysicianHealth.com was developed by Canada’s leading physician health and eLearning experts to provide you with cutting edge, evidence-based information and innovative, user-friendly tools for self-help and collegial support.

In an anonymous learning environment, ePhysicianHealth.com provides information on topics such as include substance abuse, anxiety, depression, weight, nutrition and fitness, boundaries and disruptive behavior—enabling physicians to recognize the symptoms and providing resources to take action. The website is divided into free-of-charge modules, each focusing on specific physical and mental health issues. Each module takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete, and is designed to help physicians in identifying and clarifying their current physical and mental health status.

Please visit ePhysicianHealth.com to take advantage of these resources free-of-charge.