Physician Health and Well-Being


Physician Health and Well-Being

Physician health and well-being is a top priority of the Canadian Medical Foundation (CMF) and as a top priority, an area to which we dedicate a large portion of funding.

Are you wondering why the CMF has chosen to focus on physician health and well-being? This video explains.

When you support physician health and well-being through the Canadian Medical Foundation, you are supporting initiatives such as these:

  • The Canadian Medical Foundation Chair of Physician Health and Well-Being at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine.
  • – The world’s first comprehensive online physician health and well-being resource to help physicians and physicians in training to be resilient in their personal and professional lives.
  • Special Projects
  • Strategic Projects
  • The Canadian Conference on Physician Health
  • The International Conference on Physician Health

To support physicians in need today, please visit our Donate Now page.

The Canadian Medical Foundation supports programs to improve physician health and well-being for all physicians, but does not provide crisis assistance. If you, or a physician friend or colleague, are in a crisis and require immediate assistance, please contact your family physician or your provincial or territorial health program immediately.