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How Your Support Will Help Deserving Medical Students

Your donations to CMF will provide much-needed financial aid – in the form of bursaries and scholarships – to deserving medical students actively furthering their medical education.

It may be a stint with Canada World Youth which gave her the chance to work at an AIDS hospice in New Delhi, India, or it may be from growing up in the tiny Northern Ontario community of Fort Francis, Ontario, with a combination of Métis, Hungarian, and Norwegian lineage and a family value system of open-mindedness, tolerance, and compassion for people. But, whatever the reason, Melanie Halvorsen knew from an early age that medicine would be part of her future.

“I remember Mom buying me a microscope, and the two of us looking at a slide of her blood and seeing things moving around. I was captivated.”

With a degree from McGill University in microbiology, the second-year medicSupport Medical Studentsal student and CMF bursary recipient has translated her interest in microbes and amoeba to a strong desire to treat acute illness, and sees that as a possible road she may follow in the future.

“I really believe that being a physician may give me the ability to reach out and really help people through difficult times. Plus, the ability to apply my knowledge to major health issues like environmentally-borne illnesses and epidemics is really important to me.”

Melanie is grateful for the much-needed financial support.

“The Canadian Medical Foundation bursary makes world of difference. It relieves so much stress to know that I have help with that debt load, that I can keep on pushing to get where I want to go, and that I can keep my dream of being a physician alive and well.”