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How Your Support Will Advance Physician Health and Well-Being

Your donations to CMF will advance physician health and well-being by raising awareness of the health challenges faced by today’s physicians and increasing awareness of, and access to, the resources available to those in need.

Physicians have a very important job; helping us take care of ourselves and our families. Perhaps because of the enormity of this responsibility medical professionals have difficulty accepting a small, simple truth – they can be patients just like the rest of us. They also experience fatigue, go through traumatic life experiences like divorce or the death of someone they love and they need time and support to deal with and heal from these situations.  Deteriorating physical or mental health can have negative impacts on all aspects of our lives – including family and work. And this applies to physicians as well. 

support physician healthDid you know…?

  • One out of every 10 physicians will become dependent on psychoactive drugs or alcohol.
  • One out of every 100 physicians will become a narcotics addict.
  • Medical residents are 5 times more likely to use sleeping pills, stimulants or other drugs compared to controls.
  • Approximately 40% of female and 27% of male medical students and residents experience pronounced symptoms of anxiety or depression.
  • Up to 50% of physicians report anxiety, sleeplessness or depression in reaction to personal problems (significantly higher than in other professions).
  • The suicide rate for physicians is twice that of the general population. The suicide rate of physicians’ wives is higher than the rate for wives of any other professional group.
  • Physicians under the age of 45 consistently indicate that their most toxic stressor is the struggle with work/family imbalance and its effect on home life.

     Source: Mary Colbourn Smith, Primary Prevention Resources and
Programs for Physicians in Canada, June 2010

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