An Update on Canadian Medical Foundation Funding


The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is discontinuing funding and support of the Canadian Medical Foundation (CMF) as of December 31, 2016.

In May 2016, the CMA Board determined that moving forward, fundraising activities do not align with its mission and strategic plan. The CMA Board reaffirmed their belief in corporate social responsibility with a focus on granting and not on fundraising for CMA and its subsidiaries, which will be achieved most efficiently by working with the streamlined governance of its corporate holdings foundation (CMAHF).

The CMA Board of Directors has expressed its appreciation to the CMF Board of Directors and staff for their commitment and dedication to the philanthropic goals of the CMF.

The CMF Board is currently exploring options for future operations and will keep our donors and supporters informed as we transition. These Questions and Answers provide additional information. You may also contact the CMF at or visit our website at

CMF CMA Shared Statement Regrading Canadian Medical Foundation Funding


Canadian Medical Foundation Elects New Board Chair


Dr. Hugh Scully has been elected as the new Chair of the Canadian Medical Foundation (CMF) Board of Trustees.

Dr. Hugh Scully was first elected to the CMF Board as a Trustee in August 2015. Dr. Scully replaces Dr. Ruth Collins-Nakai as Chair, a position Dr. Collins-Nakai held for four years. Although Dr. Collins-Nakai’s term as Chair has come to an end, she remains a CMF Board Trustee.

Dr. Hugh Scully’s Biography

Dr. Hugh ScullyA cardiac surgeon, Dr. Hugh Scully trained at Queen’s University, the University of Toronto, and at Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts. He is Professor of Surgery and Health Policy at the University of Toronto and Consultant Cardiac Surgeon at UHN Toronto General Hospital (TGH). At UHN TGH, he has served as Deputy Head of CV Surgery, Deputy Surgeon-in-Chief, Chairman of the Education Committee, Chief of Staff and on the Board of Trustees. Presently, he is President of the Mt. Sinai-UHN Academic Medical Organization.

Dr. Hugh Scully was the Founding President of the Professional Association of Interns and Residents of Ontario (PAIRO), ultimately leading to the formation of the Canadian Association of Interns and Residents, (CAIR). He is Past-President of the Ontario Medical Association, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), and the Canadian Cardiovascular Society, (CCS). He has served on the Councils (Boards) of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the World Medical Association as well as the Board of Governors of the American College of Surgeons (ACS). Presently, Dr. Scully is the only non-American member of the Health Policy and Advocacy Group of the ACS in Washington. Recently, he was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame.

In 2010, Dr. Scully received the CMA’s Medal of Service and the Annual {Lifetime} Achievement Award from the CCS.  Dr. Scully now chairs the Archives and Awards Committee at the CMA and also sits on the Board of the Directors for Partners in Health (Canada). He is a recipient of the Gold and Diamond Queen’s Jubilee Medals.

Since 2013, Dr. Scully has been a leadership volunteer with the Canadian Medical Foundation as Chair of the CMF’s multi-million dollar fundraising effort to raise support for physician health and wellness: The Every Physician Campaign.

In the world of motorsport, he is a Founding Fellow of the FIA Institute for Motor Sport Safety and Sustainability {Paris}, represents Canada as a Member of the FIA Medical Commission {Paris}, is Chairman-Emeritus and Chair of the Curriculum Committee of the International Council of Motorsport Sciences {Indianapolis} and is Medical Director and Safety Committee Chair of the Honda Indy Toronto. A motor sports enthusiast, Dr. Scully has received many awards for contributions to motorsport medicine and safety and is a Member, and Chairman, of the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame.

Dr. Scully resides in Toronto with his wife, Vanessa, former Principal Ballerina with the National Ballet of Canada.

Canadian Medical Foundation Bursary Awarded to Queen’s University Students


The Canadian Medical Foundation Bursary has been awarded to four Queen’s University School of Medicine students for the Fall 2016 academic term.

Queen’s University is a partner in the Canadian Medical Foundation Bursary Program, which provides bursaries for medical students demonstrating financial need.

Students enrolled at one of the participating universities can apply for this bursary through their respective Deans.

Participating universities match all funds raised by Canadian Medical Foundation donors for this program, as a result there are double the amount of bursaries available for medical students!

Canadian Medical Foundation Bursary ProgramCanadian Medical Foundation Bursary Partners

Bursaries are also available to medical students enrolled at these participating universities:

The Canadian Medical Foundation established this bursary program to achieve our goal of providing financial aid to deserving medical students. The Canadian Medical Foundation believes that assisting today’s medical students in furthering their education will therefore help secure tomorrow’s exceptional medical professionals. This will also ensure the optimal health of all Canadians in our future.

Learn more about the Canadian Medical Foundation Bursary Program here.

2016 Canadian Medical Foundation-MD Financial Management Annual Golf Tournament Raises Nearly $400,000


For the 11th consecutive year, the Canadian Medical Foundation-MD Financial Management Annual Golf Tournament was a success, raising nearly $400,000!

The funds raised at this tournament will go towards the CMF’s charitable programs which focus on supporting physician health and well-being initiatives, providing financial aid for medical students and enabling medical outreach.

2016 CMF-MDFM Annual Golf Tournament

The weather was wonderful at Glen Abbey Golf Club, as guests enjoyed a delicious lunch and dinner, a full-round of golf and various activity holes, including a golf trick show.

Prizes were awarded for Men’s and Ladies’ Longest Drive and Closest to the Pin, as well at Top Foursome and Most Honest Foursome.

One lucky golfer even had a hole-in-one, though unfortunately not on one of the Subaru Hole-in-One holes.

Photos from the day can be viewed by clicking here.

Doctors’ golf tournament a swinging success


89th Annual Tournament raises nearly $40,000 for medical student bursaries.

Physicians and health care leaders from across the province teed off Monday, July 11th at the Red Deer Golf & Country Club to support Alberta’s next generation of physicians.

The 89th Annual North South Doctors’ Golf Tournament, co-hosted by the College, Alberta Medical Association and Canadian Medical Foundation, raised nearly $40,000 for medical student bursaries.

Participants enjoyed a day of golf, a buffet breakfast, BBQ lunch and great prize draws. Medical students and residents also attended and teamed up with CPSA and AMA staff to network and connect with their colleagues.

Thank you to all participants and sponsors for making this year’s tournament a success. See you on the links in 2017!
North South Doctors' Golf Tournament

Treating the injured and sick following the Nepal Earthquake


An Update from Health Partners International of Canada, a Canadian Medical Foundation Partner

Last spring Canadian Medical Foundation (CMF) donors raised more than $150,000 to provide critical medical aid following the earthquake in Nepal. To deliver this aid, the CMF partnered with Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC), Médecins Sans Frontières and Team Broken Earth.

HPIC’s major response in Nepal included Humanitarian Medical Kits and some shipments of bulk medicines. HPIC medical relief was used in the earliest days by the Canadian Medical Assistance Teams. An airlift was sent to International Medical Corps in May 2015, and a significant airlift was sent to the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada (EMCC) in January 2016 thanks to major donations in 2015. Impact: 43,500 full courses of medical treatment.

Health Partners International of Canada“Canadians were moved by the destruction they saw in Nepal following the country’s worst earthquake in 82 years. Many chose to help Health Partners International Canada (HPIC) mobilize several shipments of medical relief enabling our partners to provide 43,500 full courses of treatment after the April 25 earthquake. HPIC would especially like to thank the Canadian Medical Foundation for a major grant.

CMAT (Canadian Medical Assistance Teams) was the first team to take Humanitarian Medical Kits and they were on the ground a few short days after the earthquake struck in April. CMAT’s volunteers “trekked through high mountain villages and rice paddies to deliver health care to patients who would otherwise go without,” they reported. International Medical Corps, a partner in HPIC’s emergency response program, received an airlift of Humanitarian Medical Kits for their work in Nepal in May. These kits provisioned their mobile medical units and equipped the teams to provide about 6,000 treatments. With funding donated in 2015, HPIC sent a major shipment of essential medicines and supplies with EMCC in January 2016. This was the most significant provision of medical relief for the disaster and enough to provide treatment to over 20,000 children and adult”.

The Canadian Medical Foundation thanks our generous donors who helped make this assistance possible though the CMF Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund.  To learn more about CMF’s medical outreach programs and how you can provide much-needed medical aid to the regions in greatest need globally, visit our website at:

Syria Relief Campaign Raises Over $80,000!


Canadian Medical Foundation Syria Relief Campaign Raises More Than $80,000 for Medical Aid and Supplies!

The Canadian Medical Foundation (CMF), with the help of our generous donors, has raised more than $80,000 through our Syria Relief Campaign.  These funds will be used to provide medical aid and supplies directly to those most in need in Syria, during this ongoing conflict.

CMF will be partnering with Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières to deliver this aid and supplies.

Syria Relief Campaign“Since June 2012, MSF has been running hospitals and health centres across the north of Syria. These facilities have conducted more than 10,151 surgeries, 63,440 emergency room interventions, 109,214 out-patient consultations, and more than 2,373 safe deliveries. MSF also supports 58 hospitals and 38 medical posts run by Syrian medical networks across seven governorates.”

To learn more about these efforts, click here:

In addition, we are pleased to report that these funds will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the Government of Canada’s Syria Emergency Relief Fund, enabling us to provide over $160,000.00 in aid to Syria.

Thank you all of our donors who supported this campaign – including MD Financial Management whose staff held their own office fundraiser in support of this initiative.

Though our donation matching program has now concluded, fundraising efforts for Syria are ongoing, as much aid is still needed. To make a contribution, please visit our Donate Now page on our website.

CMF Syria Relief Campaign


CMF Syria Relief Campaign

Over the past 4 years, over 12 million people in Syria have been negatively impacted as a result of the ongoing civil wars and conflicts in the region.  The result of these ongoing aggressions has been the well-documented humanitarian crisis facing so many men, women and children.

Many have and continue to risk their lives by fleeing the war-ridden areas in search of safety; others are forced to stay and are in need of the most basic of supports, just to get by, just to survive another day.


There is an immediate need for food, shelter, blankets, medical aid and supplies for the many Syrians who have been affected.  In response the Government of Canada just announced a matching program for charitable donations received before February 29th, 2016 toward Canada’s national relief effort.   All funds donated before then are eligible for matching, dollar-for-dollar.

Whether it is $100, $250, $500, or a leadership gift of $1,000 or more, our collective support can make a positive difference to the lives of these very vulnerable people. In many instances especially for children, support will very possibly mean the difference between life and death.

Please help, today! Your donation is urgently needed and will alleviate the pain and suffering being felt millions who are frightened, hungry, homeless and in need of support and medical attention.

Together, we can and will make a very real and lasting contribution.  Please make your donation today.

Donate Now

“True compassion means not only feeling another’s pain but also being moved to help relieve it.”

                              – Daniel Goleman

Canadian Medical Foundation Bursary Program


The Canadian Medical Foundation (CMF) has established a CMF Bursary Program in partnership with medical faculties at universities across Canada!

As part of our CMF Bursary Program, bursaries in the amount of $5,000 will be available annually for medical students enrolled at the participating universities, who demonstrate financial need. Up to ten separate bursaries will be awarded each year, per university, beginning in 2016. Students may apply for this bursary through their medical faculty – recipients will be selected by the respective Deans.

The CMF is pleased to establish this new program which furthers our goal of providing financial aid to deserving medical students actively furthering their education. The CMF believes that assisting today’s medical students in furthering their education will help secure tomorrow’s exceptional medical professionals and ensure the optimal health of all Canadians in our future.

The participating universities are generously matching all donations to CMF for this program, resulting in twice as many bursaries available for medical students! To donate to this program, please visit our Donate page and comment that you would like to direct your donation to the CMF Bursary Program.

Bursary ProgramThe CMF thanks the participating universities:

Efforts are ongoing to establish the Canadian Medical Foundation Bursary Program at all Canadian university schools of medicine.

For more information please contact CMF at

The Canadian Medical Foundation Establishes New Bursary Program in Partnership with the University of Calgary’s Cumming School of Medicine


The Canadian Medical Foundation (CMF) is pleased to announce a new bursary program – the Canadian Medical Foundation Bursary – in partnership with the University of Calgary’s Cumming School of Medicine.

This Canadian Medical Foundation Bursary of $5,000 will be available annually for students enrolled in the Cumming School of Medicine who demonstrate financial need. Up to ten separate bursaries will be awarded each year.

The University of Calgary is pleased to match the CMF’s financial commitment to this program.

Canadian Medical Foundation LogoUniversity of Calgary

The University of Calgary joins the following universities which have also partnered with CMF to offer the Canadian Medical Foundation Bursary for their medical students:

  • Dalhousie University
  • Queen’s University
  • McMaster University
  • University of Manitoba
  • Université de Sherbrooke
  • University of Ottawa

The CMF is pleased to establish this new program which furthers our goal of providing financial aid to deserving medical students actively furthering their medical education. The CMF believes that assisting today’s medical students in furthering their education will help secure tomorrow’s exceptional medical professionals and ensure the optimal health of all Canadians in our future.

Efforts are ongoing to establish the Canadian Medical Foundation Bursary at all Canadian university schools of medicine.

For more information please contact CMF at